11 Dishes to Incorporate Red Wine

red wine steak

Food and wine are the best combinations you can ever have. These two can get along on whatever occasions. But the truth is, sometimes you need to match the best recipe for the best wine- especially when it comes to a bottle of red wine. So we research top dishes you can cook at home, try to look at it.

Red Wine and Braised Chicken with Chickpeas and Chorizo

This is an easy recipe that does not require many tools in cooking. This Spanish vibe dish composes of a splash of Sherry vinegar, tender chickpeas and bits of chorizo. A hearty bite recipe!

Red Wine Sauce to Hanger Steak with Mushroom

An incredible recipe that gives you a restaurant vibe. The red wine sauce will pick up all the flavour from your steak and mushrooms.

Red Wine and Braised Cabbage and Onions

Fragrant and delicious dish. You need to soak up the onions and cabbage to the red wine, and you’ll have a very aromatic dish.

Red Wine Reduction- Basil, Melon and Feta Salad

This will be your go-to salad this summer. Mix all the in-season fruit with the red wine reduction, and you’ll have a refreshing day. In this summer salad, the red wine will be reduced, turning into the honey glaze then being drizzled to tomatoes, pistachios and melons.

Dark Chocolate Cake with Red Wine Glaze

Have you wanted a dessert? Make your dark chocolate cake topped with red wine. This will bring a berry-scented richness to the butter-chocolate glaze all over the cake.

Red Wine Caramel Apples

Coat apples in a red-wine infused caramel sauce. This one will surely get the attention of grown-up cravers.

Braised Lamb Shanks with Rosemary

Allow your lamb to cook for about two and a half-hour on top of the stove. After that, serve it with fresh green beans with polenta in it. Best match with a glass of red wine in the glass, but always make sure that you have an extra bottle on hand to serve these garlicky lambs.

Red Wine-Raspberry Sorbet

Try this three-ingredient sorbet, and this will be your all-time favourite! It an easy to make with a perfect flavour and texture. The plum and cherry flavour will make it on top to create a rich and flavorful taste.

Quick Coq au Vin

This classic French dish is made with plenty of mashed potatoes or creamy polenta to soak up all into red wine. This recipe calls for the theatrical lighting of cognac.

Five Spice Short Ribs with Carrot-Parsnip Puree

Everyone loves a tender and beefy plate of short ribs. This irresistible recipe is made of intensely flavorful short ribs braised in an entire bottle of rich red wine.

Pasta with 15-minute Meat Sauce

This was a fast and fantastic recipe. Make sure that you make the onions puree so children will love it. This rich 15-minute recipe will turn your pasta or polenta into a quick and hearty dinner any night of the week, at any place. The red wine will lend an all-day simmered flavour with your instant meat sauce.


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