16 of the Best Wines for Dinner

They say that one will come out of this quarantine, either a cook, a baker, or a drunk. With this pandemic taking over, we spend most, if not all, of our time inside our houses. If you’ve chosen the skill of cooking to invest in during this time, then a list of wines best paired with your whipped up supper might do you some help.

Pairing wine with food is a serious matter. Some insist that you should be free to enjoy a bottle of your preference regardless if it blends with your meal or not, but oenophiles disregard this idea and say that the pairing is a form of art. It is neither a complicated nor an intimidating task even for a novice; you have to find the perfect match for your evening spread. The right concoction of flavor notes, tannins, and acids can wake up the subtlest nuances in your food, elevating any spread from ordinary to exceptional.

Below are 16 of the best wines to pair with your evening meal.

2010 Terres Dorées Beaujolais l’Ancien Vieilles Vignes

If you are going with lean meat for dinner, then this light and perfumed Beaujolais is just the drink you’re looking for. With its oozing vibrant flavor that makes up for its moderate tannins, it will bring out subtle notes of your food in the palate.


2010 Chateau Ste Michelle Dry Riesling

This piquant, refreshing white wine has beautiful fruity accents, crisp acidity, and an elegant finish. A tropical and balanced style of Riesling that gives off light floral aromas is well-paired with pork and oyster.


Ramey 2015 Ritchie Vineyard Chardonnay

The Ritchie Vineyard Chardonnay is a pure, vibrant, concentrated vino that has a profusion of white flowers, citrus, and saline minerality that threads a line between richness and delicacy with an intricate mouthfeel and finesse. This Buttery Chardonnay finishes with buttery accents, spice, creamy citrus, and delicate herbal notes that blend well with dishes that come with creamy or cheesy sauces.


Dom Perignon 2002 P2

The 2002 P2 drinks like a dream with its flood of creamy, nutty elegance and succulent flavor. Pop the lid off of this Champagne Blend when your dinner menu features shellfish, crab, or lobster.


La Pelle 2016 Sauvignon Blanc

La Pelle means “the shovel” in French. For the partners – winemaker Maayan Koschitzky, viticulturist Miguel Luna and vineyard manager Pete Richmond, symbolizes their process from the first dirt turned in the vineyard to the last tank shoveled out in the cellar. If you’re planning on serving light foods, fish, or chicken, this aperitif wine is your best bet.


Lingua Franca 2015 Mimi’s Mind Pinot Noir

This Pinot Noir possesses refined structure and vibrant energy, carrying a mix of earthy mushroom, herb, leather, and spice notes, along with black fruit and tangy red. Smooth and pure, with crushed stone, steely black raspberry, and black tea accents that take on composition toward well-framed tannins. Considering the “red wine with red meat” rule, this one is great to use with beef, steak, or lamb.


Dana Estates 2016 Hershey Vineyard Howell Mountain

Cabernet Sauvignon is arguably the most well-known grapevine in the world. In particular, this red wine has sappy dark berry flavors layered with complex notes of spice, smoke and underbrush, espresso, dark chocolate, and lovely minerality, an excellent pair for beef and venison.


Biondi-Santi 2011 Brunello di Montalcino Riserva

Sangiovese is a dark-berried vine and the most widely planted grape variety in Italy. This Riserva will only get better with time as it gives a greater degree of density and more set embroidery with dark fruit, savor, and tobacco.


Gamble Family Vineyard 2014 Mary Ann Red

A hybrid of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, this wine packs a potent scent of blackberry jam, fresh waffle cones, and wildflowers. In the palate, blackberry and strawberry glide through along with savory herbal flavors.


Dalla Valle Vineyards 2015 Maya Napa Valley

A bold and structured Bordeaux Blend, this vino was named after the daughter of its manufacturer. There’s a spectacular taste of black cherry, strawberry, and espresso rides with the silky, velvety texture this wine has.


2010 Geyser Peak Sauvignon Blanc

With luscious, deep scents of lemongrass and juicy citrus flavors, the 2010 Geyser Peak makes an idyllic pre-dinner sip. This fine, crisp Sauvignon Blanc with light fish and chicken dishes makes a congruent match.


2010 Paul Blanck Pinot Blanc d’Alsace

On the nose, this Pinot Blanc exudes honeysuckle and crisp sea air. Grassy on the palate with citrus notes and a soft sweet finish, the 2010 Paul Blanck is an excellent drink for meaty and oily fish meal.


NV Lini Labrusca Rosso Lambrusco

This sparkling Lambrusco partner nicely with root vegetables and squashes. It comprises pleasantly brisk bubbles and a fresh, ripe berry flavor made in a dry style.


2009 Lang & Reed North Coast Cabernet Franc

Another bold and structured vino that makes an impeccable partner for sumptuous red meats, the 2009 Lang & Reed North Coast, is slightly sweet with cherry-inflected notes, tobacco, and green herb flavors.


Champagne Pol Roger 2008 Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill

One review for this vin ordinaire concludes that the wine’s richness is linked to the ripe fruit and shines in the perfect balance between the texture, the minerality. Serve this sparkling, traditional drink with shellfish, and you just turned your dinner meal up a notch.


Promontory 2013

This aromatic Cabernet Sauvignon exudes a divine, harmonious blend of diverse and complex aromas. Cory Empting, one of the co-creators, said that the geography of Napa Valley, the area where it was manufactured, and the decision to delay the Promontory release for five years helped preserve acidity in the wine, making it one of the longer-lived wines the sommelier has worked with.

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