7 Best Meals to Match with a Bottle of Wine

What is an evenly palate-pleasing bottle of wine without a delicious home-cooked meal? Some of the best wines can taste even more delicious if they are accompanied with the right food, but having or thinking of a good one is not an easy task. You don’t just need to think about the richness and weight of the food; you also need to consider the flavour and acidity profile of the individual ingredients.

Thankfully, we got a handful of no-brainer blends that will allow both the wine and the dish to match perfectly. So, if you’re left guessing on what to cook up that can complement your best wine, here is the most straightforward guide you can follow. 


Chicken Under a Brick

You might be amazed at how flexible chicken under a brick when it comes to wine pairing. This simple Italian dish is well complemented with white and red wines. You can try a pair of Californian Chardonnay wine with a classic match for poultry dishes. Unoaked or lightly oaked are better suits the creamy chicken recipes.


Grilled Caesar Salad

Grilled Caesar Salad is the type of meal you’ll crave on a summer night, and it calls for a bottle of wine that is light and refreshing. The New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is best accompanied with vegetables and salads. You can also pair it with tangy dressing and parmesan cheeses.


Molten Chocolate Cake

One of the keys with pairing wine and chocolate is to consider the dairy fat and level of sugar. A decadent molten chocolate cake, which can be put together with bittersweet chocolate to enhance the richness of the dessert. If you’re a kind of sweet tooth, you can pair these delicious cake with a dessert wine like tawny port or vintage.


 Thai Chicken Curry

The sour, salty and spicy Thai Chicken Curry always demands a bottle of wine that can stand up to its rich flavour, which includes garlic, lemongrass and chillies. A low-alcohol and medium-bodied like German Reisling which not only enhances the exotic flavour in this dish but also stands up the spicy ginger and creamy coconut milk.



To find the right bottle of wine to match wine sweets can be challenging- you need one that has corresponding structure, depth and sweetness that will achieve the balance between the dessert and the aroma of a wine. Tiramisu features coffee flavour, nutty flavours and espresso that often bring champagne into full best. Champagne can revitalize and cleanse the palate in between sweets.


Slow Cooker Pork Carnitas Tacos

Since pork is mounted between the line of white meat and red meat, your surest bet is to select a light-bodied white like pinot noir. With a glimpse of spice, it can complement the taco seasoning in the slow-cooker recipe flawlessly. Thanks to its lower tannins and acidity that will let the flavour meat shine.


Grilled Salmon with Ginger Soy Butter

A full-bodied wine like Gewürztraminer can make the soy sauce in this grilled salmon dish taste best. The wine itself features a ginger taste like the spice that mimics one of the recipe’s actual flavour.


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