Do’s and Don’ts in a Wine Harvest Festival

As the end of summer draws nearer, there’s no better celebration to welcome fall than to have a good time in a wine pressing and harvest festival. Whether you are new or always present in this kind of festivity, you should know what are the proper things to do and bring.


Do: pick grapes in the vineyard. Look for the best looking and most plump grape you can pick.

Do: experience the grape stomping and watch how the fruits turn to juice under your messy feet.

Do: taste something new. Try to taste all possible variations in the festival and tell the winemakers what you like about their wine.

Do: learn what to pair on the best wine. Cheese, bread, meat, fruit and dessert.

Do: bring cash and credit card for payment.

Do: Be adventurous! Have a great time while at the festival.


Don’t: bring any outside alcoholic drink. This is to honor the hard labour and craftmanship to the winemakers. You can bring water or soda, especially to drivers and those who can’t drink too much.

Don’t: bring any kids aside from your own. This event leans towards adults who are legally allowed to drink. You may not bring your nephew, niece, neighbor, or child of your friend.

Don’t: bring any pets at the event. Even the smallest ones that can fit inside a purse. All pets should be left at home with treats.

Don’t: refund your money when the weather turns sour. Be ready to bring an umbrella, or you may use gazebos provided in the event to shelter yourself from the rain.

Don’t: bring coolers of your own. The event will provide cold drink samples, and if you want to buy a whole bottle, we have those chilled as well.


If ever you have more questions, try to contact the event coordinators.

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