Galvanised Metal Posts for Vineyards

Galvanised metal have protective zinc oxide coatings to prevent rusting, making them perfect for vineyards posts. The application of zinc oxide is typically done through dipping the steel in molten zinc which, once cooled, bonds the zinc permanently to the steel. It increases the steel’s usefulness that has shown to be resistant to pest damage and strong damage. But, it’s normally susceptible to corrosion and rust from moisture damage. Thus, galvanised metal posts offer a range of benefits while providing improved protection against the elements.

Below are some of the benefits of using galvanised metal posts for vineyards:

  • Low Maintenance Cost

Even in some instances where galvanising might have high first-cost instead of some methods, galvanised metal posts always provide low maintenance cost of any protective method. It is because of lack of maintenance needed due to strong bond between steel and zinc, which is a particular cost reduction to the buildings in a remote location.

  • Low First-Cost

Usually, in construction, a huge first investment is associated with the savings down the road. But, with galvanised metal posts, you may benefit from low maintenance cost and low first-cost because it’s cheaper to buy galvanised steel from the manufacturer. It’s due to labour intensive protective methods like painting is more expensive compared to factory operations like galvanising. The steel parts that are painted with the protective coatings will not achieve the same results as galvanised components.

  • Reliable Protection

Because of the unique metallurgic structure of a galvanised metal post, it takes pride from having a protective coating that resist damage during erection and transport. The zinc covering offers an excellent cover from water and oxygen, which may reaction with iron in the steel causing rust.

  • Sustainable

Galvanised metal posts are highly recyclable materials. So, if your key concern is sustainability, you can never go wrong with these posts. Due to its recyclability, the steel can be recycled once the structure has provided its use. Its zinc coating reduces the waste through using the same molten zinc bath for coating a lot of steel components. Galvanised metal posts also need low requirement for repair or replacement. So, it only means that these require fewer resources to use.

  • Ease of Maintenance

Cleaning galvanised metal posts is essential as these may react with the elements in the environment. But, what makes these metal posts a good thing is that they are easy to clean.

  • Total Protection

There aren’t gaps in the coating’s protection. Every corner and recess is coated uniformly during the process of dipping and these provide a no coating uniform protection method done after the construction may match.

  • Long Life

Because of the strong bond that is formed between the zinc layer and steel, galvanised metal posts may survive up to 5 decades in usual rural environments and would last upwards to 25 years. It’s because of the protection from oxygen and water that might react with iron content in the steel parts.

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