Modern Forklifts Used In Vineyards and Wineries

Vineyards and wineries often deal with numerous challenges when it comes to handling materials during the different stages of the production process. What makes things worse is that the specific tasks for handling materials vary a lot. There are different types of modern forklifts such as those powered with Ceilpower forklift battery provider can be used in vineyards and wineries during the various production stages and in specific areas.

Forklifts for Specific Functions and Purposes in Wineries and Vineyards

When out in the field, the rugged-terrain lift trucks are required to transport and lift bins filled with the harvest. At the plant, the workers will need help in emptying out the full bins that are often loaded with around 1,000 pounds or more of fruit on the sorting tables.

Lift trucks are used when navigating the cave’s narrow aisles. They can reliably lift barrels that often hold about 30 up to 60 gallons or even more of the product. Losing just one of the barrels can instantly create serious damage to the business. For such cases, it is important to use fork attachments that will handle the barrel.

Vineyards and wineries also use reach trucks, counterbalance forklifts, as well as pallet jacks that can carry pallets for the full wine bottles ready for warehousing or shipment. This type of truck rarely needs attachment since it has already been optimized to handle pallets.

With the different types of lift trucks used, right-sizing the fleets of forklifts according to the needs of the vineyard and winery will ensure that the profitability and productions remain at the highest levels possible.

If one forklift alone can carry out several of these tasks for handling materials with no need to change out or switch fork attachments, winery and vineyard operators can enjoy big savings when it comes to staff-hours and cost alike that will amount to just the same thing at the end of the day.

Fork Attachments for Scale Grape Handling

Just like with other material-handling applications, forklift attachments for field to facility usage must be optimized for the unit loads. Unit loads usually refer to harvest bins in the winery and vineyard. Vineyard teams that are not picking into harvest bins often work much harder than what is necessary with an associated loss of productivity.

Although fork attachments are not necessarily required by lift trucks for lifting and carrying loaded harvest bins, rigging them with forward bin tipper is going to pay dividends at the receiving room of the winery. Forward bin tippers are unique fork attachments meant to function just like the bare forks during travel and lifting. But once it arrives at the sorting table, a truck rigged with forward bin tipper will be able to empty and lift full harvest bins with no need for the personnel to leave the seat.

Forklifts will always remain as an important machinery piece in wineries and vineyards. Without them, the tasks will prove to be more challenging, not to mention that the owners and operators will be facing a lot of losses in both time and money.

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