Transform Your Vineyard into a Garden with Fresh Green Turf

If you want to transform your vineyard into a lush garden, you can complement and improve its functionality and looks with fresh green turf.

With the help of turf, you can improve the looks of your outdoor space by making it seem like it is always under constant and consistent irrigation. Your vineyard turned garden should be presentable all the time for it to be more inviting and welcoming for whatever activities you plan to hold there.

But, more than the visible aesthetic effects, fresh green grass also offers many other exciting benefits for gardens. Here are some of the top reasons why turf is the perfect option for you:

Say Goodbye to Erosion with Fresh Green Turf

Turf systems are found to be very efficient when it comes to holding on to soil nutrients. Different nutrients like phosphorus get stuck on soil particles or absorbed by the turf and these don’t leach out easily.

The fibrous root system of turf can bind the soil together and keep it from getting carried off by wind and rains. The grass blades can also slow down the rainwater and reduce the soil amount that gets carried off by the water’s force. As soil erosion becomes an increasingly serious problem, turf plays an important role in lessening the losses.

Fresh Green Turf Helps Reduce Runoff

Turf can decrease the force and decelerate the speed of flowing water and allow it to be better absorbed by the soil and benefit the groundwater reserves. Any settlement that running water has picked up will get trapped in the stand of turf. It can help prevent many pollutants and chemicals gathered by rainwater from reaching the water system. Instead, these will be absorbed by the soil and safely broken down there.

Runoff and the resulting soil erosion are found to be among the primary reasons why water supplies are suffering from nutrient contamination. Decreasing stormwater runoff from surfaces is still a new concept in the world of landscape design as rain gardens are now getting developed in several residential neighbourhoods. There are also researchers who recommend the design of turf areas that can act as filtrations and catchment zones for contaminated runoff water.

Replenish Air with Fresh Green Turf

Plants release oxygen to the atmosphere and absorb carbon dioxide and this rule also applies to grass. Properly managed fresh green turf can lessen the production of pollen through preventing the proliferation of weedy species that produce substantial quantities of airborne pollen. A dense turf stand can also trap dust as well as other forms of airborne allergens.


Promote Safety with Fresh Green Turf

Healthy and fresh green turf acts as a barrier to damages caused by air and can also prevent large fires from getting out of control. Carefully maintained lawns can deter the invasion of insects and pests like ticks. Rodents often balk from the idea of crossing large turf areas. Fresh green turf is also a comfortable soft surface ideal for recreational activities. Natural turf provides a resilient and safe surface for kids and reduces the risks of injuries compared to artificial ones.

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